From Analog to Digital

Within the last several weeks, employees of the Maag Library’s IT, MMC, and Archive Departments have teamed up to start the conversion of analog oral histories to digital files (in cooperation with the YSU Oral History Department). This project is expected to take about two years and make available all of the YSU Oral Histories in both audio and text format. Providing researchers, historians, and all interested parties accessibility to this prized audio collection.

Coinciding with the African American Delta Heritage Archival Project, we are making available two digitized recordings concerning the experience of African Americans in Youngstown during the Depression. As we move forward with this project, we will be making more recordings available. The following are the two selections from the oral history collection (Courtesy of the YSU Oral History Department):

Rev. Lonnie A. Simon and the African-American Experience during the Depression

Edward J. Stonework and the African-American Experience during the Depression