Jamboozled by the Jambar

Spring is in the air and how wonderful is it to see not just nature coming back to life but also some old traditions that, fortunately, have not been forgotten. Tuesday morning, for my usually routine, I grab three Jambars, one for me and two for the Archives; however on this Tuesday morning, being April 1, the Jambar was different. It overjoyed me to see the resurrection of the April Fools edition in the university paper. The history of the Jambar April Fool’s edition began on March 31, 1967 as a

“humorous addition to its regular issue. Both university administrators and student notables were the usual targets of humorous jibes. Campus events, traditions, and institutions were also satirized by the editors. Even the title of the newspaper itself was spoofed: The Dambar (1970), The Shambar (1974), The Slambar (1975), the Slumbar (1976) and The Scumbar (1981) are examples.” Somewhat inconsistently published, usually because of budgetary restrictions, the last April Fools edition (The Fubar) appeared on March 31, 1998.” – Brian Brennan, Archival Assistant.

To have such a long hiatus and to come back ten years later surprised me. It really brings me hope to believe the students are looking back upon past traditions and taking interest in them. It is especially wonderful now because there is growing concern about student apathy toward the college experience. With any luck, perhaps there will be more traditions coming out in the near future (flyers for the Spring Fling are circulating around campus for example). If anyone missed the chance to glance at the Jamboozler, it can be viewed online.