University Presidents: The Men and their Legacies

Throughout the 100 year history of Youngstown State University, six men have served as President. In this role, each man was expected to guide the University through change and to constantly improve academic opportunities for students. This exhibit examines each man’s history and his contributions to the University.

Homer O. Nearpass (YMCA Director of Youngstown Institute of Technology, 1924-1931)

Howard W. Jones (President 1931-1966)

Youngstown College during WWII

Albert L. Pugsley (President 1966-1973)

Inauguration materials

John J. Coffelt (President 1973-1984)

Stambaugh Stadium, dedicated 1982

Neil D. Humphrey (1984-1992)

Meshel Hall dedication program, 1986

Leslie H. Cochran (President 1992-2000)

Cochran's Campus 2000 plan

David C. Sweet (President 2000-2010)

For a more detailed representation of the University Presidents exhibit, visit the exhibit site at YSU’s digital archives.

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