Deaccessioning Policy

The deaccessioning of materials donated to the Youngstown State University
Archives & Special Collections is considered when staff determines that
previously accessioned items meet one or more of these conditions:

  • Beyond the scope of the Archives collecting mission.
  • Damaged or deteriorated to such a degree as to be unusable and/or a threat to other items in the collection.
  • Cannot be placed in any identifiable historical context.
  • Have minimal research value.
  • Duplicated in the State Archives or other readily accessible collections.

A Youngstown State University Archives staff member may initiate deaccession
procedures by preparing and circulating a Request for Deaccession (RFD) Form.
The RFD should be reviewed by Senior YSU Archives staff. If a majority of the
reviewers and the YSU Archivist recommend deaccession, the items are
evaluated by YSU Maag library director for final approval.


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